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Do you want to know more about that fancy camera with all those buttons?  Or perhaps you have a copy of Photoshop, and can’t make heads or tails of it?  In partnership with the Art Education programmes offered by Cambridge Galleries, Anne teaches a comprehensive intro to digital SLR photography class, and a class that covers Photoshop basics and beyond.  For more advanced Photoshop users, check out the level 2 class offering insight beyond the basics.  Classes are usually once per week for 6 weeks, with class size between 6 to 10 students, allowing students to have very individual attention.    Cambridge Gallery members enjoy a discount, but for those who are not members, the class fees are incredibly affordable anyway!

Currently running Photoshop 2 (see below), Photoshop 1 will run again over the winter session.  DSLR Portrait Photography runs in the summer.  Call Anne or Cambridge Galleries for more information!

0706 Photoshop II
September 28 – November 02, 2010
7-9:30 pm
Queen’s Square 519-621-0460
Instructed By: Ann Edgar
Ages: 15 & up
6 wks: $115, Members $103.50
This course will review camera raw, selection tools, basic layers, and look further into the use of layers. Non destructive editing through adjustment layers and layer masks will be emphasized. Levels & curves, black & white, sepia and other conversions will be explored. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop, images, and Photoshop software. The full version of Adobe Photoshop (not Photoshop Elements) is an asset. Basic Photoshop experience is required.

 Former student (and retired teacher) Barb says:

“Thank you very much for a well organized and thorough ‘intro to portrait photography course’.  You gave us too many tips to mention.  I now have a more confident command of my camera and a deeper understanding of the elements of photography.  Sincerely, Barb.”