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I have been caught up in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, they just found Harriet.  Could not put it down & so my blog entries paid the price.  As it happens, I have already picked up book 2, so we will blog again sometime in Dec…

Sarah & Jav’s Asuka Books came in late yesterday afternoon, they look FABULOUS, can’t wait to show them.  For any casual readers, you can view their digital version in our online gallery http://anneedgarphoto.photoshelter.com/gallery/Sarah-Javier/G0000glIkAZaU8cM/

We have potential destination weddings in Cuba & Costa Rica this winter, how exciting!  But how will I fit in the annual ski trip this year?  Sucks to be me…

Off to Guelph now, Theresa & Al are getting married today.  I am glad the weather took a turn for the better, or we were going to be cold & wet for the photos.  Still cold, but way WAY better than cold & wet!  Pix will be up by Tues, all things going well!  Congrats to Al & Theresa!