I was honoured to be given the oppertunity to make a presentation at GRIPS ( Grand River Imaging and Photographic )  last night.  They were a fantastic & enthusiastic group, and seemed to really enjoy learning more about using Layer Masks in Adobe Photoshop.  Yes – this IS really interesting stuff to us photographer / photoshop types, yes are ARE very cool!  You should have been there, you would have liked it too!

You know when you tell your kids to ONLY CALL IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY!?!  Well wouldn’t you know it, my sons decided that last night was the night to have an emergency.  Right in the middle of my presentation, the phone rings, and you know who it is…  my heart pounding, I ask ‘what is wrong???’   The reply … ‘There’s a BAT in the house!!’  Tonight we will have a little talk about the true nature of an emergency, when Mom is in the middle of a super  cool ‘Layer Mask’ presentation.