Shooting a wedding is like running a marathon, while creating not one, but hundreds of works of art.  Expectations are high, with brides wanting to look the image of perfection in every frame.


Your Mission, should you choose to accept… create spectacular wedding photography.

Your resources: 

  • Models – your models will have no experience with posing & high levels of anxiety.
  • Lighting – the sun & whatever you can carry & set up in 30 second or less.  Perfection in  lighting is a requirement.
  • Equipment – at least 2 of everything, total weight – 75 lbs.  All equipment must be with you at all times during the marathon photo shoot.
  • Technical–  speed in calculating math & physics to capture the image with technical accuracy in every instance.
  • Creativity–  all images should be uniquely arranged and thought given to pose, camera angle, background, while creating an atmosphere of comradery putting the subjects at ease.
  • Intuition–  know where to be to capture spontaneous moments. Predict the unpredictable.

Goal – 2000 spectacular portfolio worthy  images in 8 hours.   That’s one masterpiece every 14 seconds.


  • aching muscles, a pay check, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment & pride that you can work miracles on a weekly basis!

Here, at Anne Edgar Photography, we accept this challenge with joy, succeed beyond expectations, and somehow love every moment.  Call us today to arrange a consultation.

Or you can hire your uncle with the ‘good’ camera…