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What is this Bridal Suite 519 you ask?  Well, over the last few years a fun and top notch group of us wedding vendors found ourselves crossing paths at weddings more & more often, while other wedding vendors seemed to come and go.  The reason for our longevity –  we make brides & grooms happy.  Very very happy.  As reputations spread, we worked together even more & more often, and Bridal Suite 519 was born.

Who are we?  We are a collection of local wedding professionals –  from cake professionals, photographers, wedding venues, wedding officients, wedding planners, wedding stationery designers, make up artists, and florists.  We are people who have just found that our individual businesses work together very well.

What do we do?  Well, we meet monthly and discuss all things wedding.  We share new ideas, we educate ourselves & each other on current trends & new technology.  We subscribe to the same code of ethics.  We support each others business with our individual areas of expertise.  We joke around a lot.  We eat really great snacks.

Even better – we bring it all to you.  Our new blogsite is the offspring of our collective group.  Want to know who you can count on for flowers?  Well we can tell you who we count on above all others.  Don’t have a clue how to write your invitations?  Invitation etiquete 101 is right here in our blogs.  Want a great idea for a wedding gift?  You know where to look for cool suggestions.

What does this mean to you?  Well isn’t it great to get insider information into the wonderfull world of weddings? (and who would know the ‘ins & outs’ better than the people who make it all happen behind the scenes!)  It means peace of mind.  Knowing that when you choose a Bridal Suite 519 wedding vendor, you are getting a professional that is not only recommended by your friends & family, but also (and maybe more importantly) recommended by the other professionals in your wedding day team of vendors.

So what is in a name?  Well we all are in there.  All things bridal, broken down into suites.  The photography suite, the stationery suite, the floral suite…you get the idea.   Serving the 519 area code & beyond.

The key to your perfect wedding, Bridal Suite 519.

Ps & btw  – did you know we do this to improve our own lives working in wedding land, to improve our product, to improve your wedding experience.  We do not earn any profit from our cool blog site, in fact we invest lots of sweat equity to make it great.  We hope you like it.  {No actually like it – go to our facebook page now, please}