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As a busy wedding photography studio, we received many inquiries per week, with brides typically asking a range of questions from ‘is my date available?’, to photographic style,  to questions about our packages and promotions.  But this particular inquiry made me pause for a moment

Hi there, I am wondering if you are available September 7 2013 to shoot a wedding? Do you typically use two photographers to shoot a wedding? Thanks very much

I was struck by the fact  that the only info the bride required from me was 1) is the date available, and 2) if there would be 2 photographers.

This second photographer trend has really only been around these last 5 years or so.  Which makes me wonder, why has the second shooter scenario recently become such a priority to brides?

Our pov on all things wedding is that the bride is always right.  Her day, her way.  Period.

But the second shooter debate is one area I wonder about.  Why has this 2 photographer phenomenon suddenly become  industry standard?

Now I understand the benefit of 2 angles captured.  Of peace of mind that 2 cameras are recording the event.  Even 2 different point of views, and  2 shooting styles.    Extra hands to hold & carry.

But what about the expense of 2 talented pro photographers?  Because if you think of it – if one fabulous, talented photographer that is worthy to record your wedding day costs on average $2000-$4000, then logically, 2 such worthy photogs working together, should run in the 4-8 k region.  Right?

So then how are some photographers able to offer 2 photographer –  packages  for $2500, $1500, and sometimes even less?  What is being diluted in the rest of the photo package to squeeze 2 ‘pro’ photogs a living?  Well talent for sure.  Equipment definitely.  Experience – absolutely.  Really –  if you thought these ‘pro’ photogs could earn $2000 per wedding each on their own, don’t you think they would do it, rather than splitting the profit with another photographer?

So what is better – 2 $1000 (x 2 =$2000) photogs, or one $2000 pro photographer?

At the end of the day, your wedding photos will only be as good as your photographer’s ability.  Having more photographers won’t make the images any better, tho it probably guarantees more of them.  What matters most to you?  Thousands of mediocre images, or hundreds of amazing ones?

I am pretty sure you see where I am going with this… so if you want a recommendation from a photographer who has seen it all, here it is.   Dedicate your photo budget towards getting the biggest, most fantastic  talent.  One super awesome photographer beats 2 mediocre ones.  Hands down.  Every time.

Here at Anne Edgar Photography – I am proud of the affordable & talented expertise we bring to our clients.  My staff & I are more than capable of single handedly capturing the largest high end events, in a manner that surpasses our clients high expectations.  And we can prove it in the dozens of sample wedding albums photographed in just that manner.   But in the interests of supplying clients with the wedding experience they are demanding, and because the client is always right, we also offer 2, 3, and 4 photographer options.  Our emphasis is always on ensuring that the primary photographer is of the upmost ability.  Second shooters are simplicity  the icing on the cake.  Visit our website for more information any time.  Happy wedding planning!


Anne Edgar Photography is a renown wedding and event photography specialist, located in Cambridge, Ontario, servicing Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Listowel, Guelph, Brantford, Hamilton Toronto and beyond.