“How many images will you take at our wedding?”  Almost every client who comes through the doors of Anne Edgar Photography will ask this question!  And the answer is always the same…we don’t know.  We always take more memory cards than we could ever fill (plus 4 more) so capacity is never an issue.  The real answer involves many wedding specific details – here are a few things to consider: the amount of time we are at your event, to the number of photographers you are requesting, to the number of people in your wedding party, the size of your families, the number of guests attending, the number of venues / locations chosen.  And all the little the extras… think – hair salon coverage, belly dancers, elaborate decor, henna ceremonies,… Truly we never run out of things to photograph!

So how many?  Well if we want to get into averages, on a typical day I can shoot anywhere from 1000  – 2500 images.  Bring on the second (and third) shooter and you know the numbers can only rise from there.

Now after the wedding, as you can imagine – it is a BIG JOB to sort & edit all of these images.  We go through every single image, cull the weak images & exposure tests…the blinks & candid moments gone wrong.  Then we edit every single image remaining.  So what is in an edit?  Well typically some cropping, exposure finessing & colour balancing.  Vignettes and spot corrections too.  Once the image looks just the way we like it, we then make a second copy of the image, and get creative with black & whites, or sepia tones, … pretty vintage effects… whatever works with that particular image.  The editing process can easily last the entire week (plus some) following the wedding, and on average takes about 30-60 hours from the first image to last.

The rule of thumb for most studios says that the clients should expect to receive about 100 images per hour of event coverage.  Our average, here at Anne Edgar Photography, is in fact quite a bit higher.  We only cull a small number of images, because the vast majority of photos are great.  Or fantastically great.  Perhaps I am biased, but my clients seem to agree.

So in the end – you end up with an enormous collection of gorgeous colour images PLUS additional set of creative – artistic images ready for display in your home, all ready to go in a pretty package, tied up with a bow.

Anne Edgar Photography, leading the way, one bride at a time.