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I have many many tools in my tool box AND I KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!

But more important than tools (cause anyone can buy cameras & lenses…)  I was born with a certain visual sensibility.  The instinct to know how to compose an image, an awareness of the qualities of light, and the timing to capture split second ‘once in a lifetime’ moments.  That natural stuff that can’t really be taught, copied, or bought.

The images we capture this year are the result of the last 20 years of professional photography experience.   Every wedding brings growth, and I think every year we are even better than the one that came before.  Stick around &  see what we will be able to do next week, next year, next decade.

Call today to inquire about photography your wedding or event.

(and when I say call – I actually mean send some sort of electronic message… because who CALLS anymore?  Tho you can, I do answer the phones personally, most of the time:))

bride and groom at wedding head table