A conversation…

{Photographer} Anne:  Where did you get your dress / the designer?

{Bride} Cynthia:  My dress was from Taylor’s Bridal in Elmira.  The designer is Jolene.

Anne:  Where did you get your shoes / the designer?

Cynthia:  My shoes were from Nine West.

Anne:  What did you love about your dress / shoes?

Cynthia:  I loved that they felt so special but also really natural to wear.  They made me feel elegant which is a wonderful feeling.

Anne:  What was your favourite element of the wedding?

Cynthia:  Erich and I are booklovers so we chose to give books as our favour.  We loved the response we got from people; saying how uniquely “us” it was.  We chose 20 different titles and people could trade for their favourites.

Anne:   What was your vision for the wedding?  Did the final result match your initial vision, or was it something totally different?

Cynthia:   Our vision was to have a relaxed, soft, romantic wedding.  We focused on family and love.  I feel our day really matched our vision and couldn’t have been more perfect.

Anne:   Where did you get your husband?

Cynthia:   Erich and I have known each other since we were teenagers.  We were friends for a long time first and eventually found the loves of our lives in each other.

Anne:  What do you love about your husband?

Cynthia:   I love that Erich is deep down the best person I know.  He’s so genuinely caring, loving and loyal.


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