I have mixed feelings this week…I was sad to see the last day of summer break, and yet summer really is not a ‘break’ when you are a wedding photographer.  In fact, these last many weeks have been a full tilt – non stop – girl in white dress – blur.  During the month of August alone – I personally shot over 6500 photos.  Let’s put that into perspective… in order to complete all that is necessary for those 6500 fabulous images  – we needed to:

– send & reply to nearly 1000 emails

– meet with each client to discuss their specific wedding needs

– travel to dozens & dozens of locations

– set up, light  & pose each photo

– edit & retouch every single photograph in the digital darkroom

– package & invoice each job

– deliver images to clients

I did the math – 6500 photos in one month means all of the above is completed at a pace of 20 images per hour.  All emailing, travelling, editing, and meetings included.  Assuming a 10 hour work day, 7 days per week.  Which pretty much sums up my month of August.

So while September is also a popular wedding month, it is a slightly slower pace, and  I am looking forward to my day off:)  I have to say though, I am feeling pretty good about my accomplishments.  You know what they say in the wedding business: happy bride = happy life.  And I am feeling good.

Happy days.