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Ok – you have the best suite at the hotel.  Maybe a fabulous b&b loaded with charm.  Or your child hood home – so significant to you.  Any way you choose it, you know it is the perfect place for your ‘getting ready’ photos.  Artistic images of your dress hanging beautifully from the thing in the place… the girls gracefully helping you into the gown, pinning the boutonniere on your father’s lapel.  Amazing moments, pictured perfectly in your mind.  And they can be.  Here is a small tip to make sure those priceless moments look as good as they feel.

We know you are thinking of a million details at this early stage in the day.  Here is another for your list… (sorry!) Your entourage of bridesmaids travel with their own small mountain of possessions.  Shoes & coats.  Purses, bags & bundles.  Fully loaded suitcases large enough for an extended vacation.  And that is just the beginning.  Everything in those bags & bundles quickly explodes into every room in your suite / house.   So it is no surprise that when the photographer arrives, it looks like a hurricane just blew through.  And if you think on it for any length of time at all, you will quickly realise that this is probably not the idyllic & beautiful photo environment you had in mind.

So what to do?  Well, let everyone know that photos will be happening in this very spot, & soon.  It won’t take long for all the girls to wisk away their bits & pieces.  Because a sweet request for a pretty  photo place is something that every bridesmaid will understand.

Add these to the morning of ‘to do’ list:)

1)      Make the bed.  Do the dishes.  (duh!)

2)      Clear away the clutter off the counters, table tops etc

3)      Have an empty closet prepared for all of the bags & bundles, so they have an out of sight place to go.  (corner of the room does not count, invariable that WILL be the corner that shows in the photo…)

4)      Close the closet / bathroom doors.  Hide the laundry hamper.

5)      Jump in your gown & let the fun begin.

getting ready for the wedding photography