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exciting news – this pretty wedding is set to be published in Wedding Bells magazine in December.  Stay tuned… we will totally be showing it off come Christmas time<3

… the details …

wedding detail photos

… first look …

wedding reveal

… the ceremony …

pretty outdoor wedding at golf course

… time alone …

wedding photography at University of Guelph

… the rest …

spring May wedding with crabapples in bloom

… from Brittany & Mike …

How we met:
Mike and I met at a country bar called the Stampede Corral 6 years ago on my first night working there. It was a popular bar for people that we went to high school with. Mike and I went to the same high school but never met until that night. I was serving a group of people that I knew from high school and the question of whether or not I had met Mike yet came up. I quickly responded that the name was familiar and that that was a popular question for the evening but I had no clue who he was. I then went to ring in a food order for my friends by the bar and when I walked up to the computer, a guy that I sort of recognized came walking up to the computer from the other direction. He immediately asked me if I was Brittany and I in return asked if he was Mike. From there on we kept talking through out the night whenever we crossed paths. Mike was a DJ at the time so we only got a chance to talk when the band was playing. At the end of the evening he asked me if I would like to go to the market with him the next morning. He was in school to become a chef and wanted to buy herbs for his garden. So the next morning he picked me up and we call that our first date.

Engagement story:
Mike had called me on my way home from work to let me know that he had prepared dinner for us. He made snow crab legs and steaks and we ate them on our deck. Afterwards we made a fire and sat around it drinking  a bottle of wine. Mike asked me to get more wood to stock the fire so I set my wine glass down on the table and headed to the shed. I came back, stoked the fire and then went to retrieve my glass of wine. When I got there I saw a glimmer in the  darkness and when I looked closer I realized there was a ring in a ring box. I picked it up and turned around to ask Mike what the ring was, and he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Theme:
We had a couple of themes throughout our wedding. I really love spring and flowers so I really wanted the room to have a soft, natural, fresh feel with a bit of an antique flare. We also wanted to incorporate our love for food into the wedding so we used fresh herbs in lace pots and antique tea cups filled with flowers for the centre pieces. We also set up a special menu with the chef to make sure that all of the herbs we used on the tables were incorporated into a dish and that each course had one herb that would stand out. (eg. our dessert was a lavender and honey creme brule)

Best Moment:
We had the staff at Cutten Fields pass glasses of sparkling wine while we were signing the marriage license so that the officiant could present us to our guests through a toast. It took longer than we had anticipated but we are grateful for that because it gave us time to look at all of our guests sitting there supporting us. We will never forget seeing all of those faces in the crowd and being so happy that these people were there to celebrate with us.

Wedding song:
Only you can love me this way by Keith Urban
Keith Urban’s music played a big role in our romance since we met in a country bar and all so it had to be a song by him. But the words in this song really represent a lot of things we went through and want to go through for each other. It just seemed really fitting.

Favourite Wedding Detail:
Our flowers. Christine at the Pink Poppi blew us away with her attention to detail. She captured the feel of the wedding perfectly in her arrangements. She blended fresh herbs and spring flowers beautifully, the first thing Mike did when he got his boutonniere was eat one of the fresh pink peppercorns.

Mike and I spend three days in Toronto on a culinary adventure. We ate at some really great restaurants including Bar Isabelle (twice lol), Caplaski’s Deli, and Bar Volo. We plan on saving up for a more extravagant honeymoon in Paris in 2015.