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Now that 2015 is well underway, it is interesting to look back on 2014 and compare it to the upcoming wedding season, as well as seasons past.  2014 was our biggest year for weddings on record, thanks to our fabulous Brides & Grooms,  thanks to our expanding partnerships with fantastic venues, and thanks to our growing & most excellent group of photographers.

Here are a few 2014 stats:

2014 average photo package price: $3408.31

  • this price point typically includes our comprehensive wedding coverage with few or no additional products added.  Because we offer great packages that please the majority without unwanted add-on’s:)

2014 largest sale: $6791.20

  • this particular sale included our ‘middle of the road’ package with a stunning Artisan wedding album, 2 additional copies for parents, and a collection of custom prints. Thank you E&P for this awesome sale!

2014 smallest sale: $2373

  • this affordable wedding photography option was appreciated by several clients, and included our ‘budget baby’ package with a weekday discount.  Thanks to C&S, J&R, S&L, E&A, and N&K!

It is interesting to see that in 2014 – many of our clients (59%) selected our ‘middle of the road’ package ($2900), with 31% selecting the ‘bigger is better’ package ($3500) and 9% selecting our ‘budget baby ($2400) package.  This varies from 2013 where  our ‘bigger is better’ package was the most popular.  2014 brides – we thank you for the extra sleep!

51% of brides requested a second shooter. 49% did not.  We experienced 100% happy clients both ways.

Finally – 75% of our wedding bookings occurred between the months of May – October, with 25% of weddings in the ‘cool’ season.  No real surprises there.  What this means in real time?  We work hard – about 30 hours per week in  the off season, & are attached to our computers 24 – 7 in the summer.   It gets a bit crazy around here:)

Annnd… looking forward to 2015 – wedding bookings are up 7% from 2014 – our formerly busiest season.  Ever.  We are slightly frightened & very thankful!

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