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busy fabulous wedding photographer

Record breaking busy.  Like busier then ever before.  And I am no stranger to extreme busy-ness. This year we have completed a whopping 58 weddings to date, with 3 more to go before the year is over.  A full 50 of those weddings occurred between May 1 to October 31. That is 50 weddings in 26 weeks…  A lot, especially considering that each wedding takes about a week to shoot & edit.  Of course I did not do this alone, huge thanks go out to Carla, Joel, Megan & Stella.  Plus Jeremy too.  Phew what a year.  And although it is not over… the crazy season is officially done, and I am feeling pretty satisfied & pleased with myself and our team.  It has been a great privilege to be a part of 58  ‘best day ever’s’, and I am looking forward to the final 3 weddings of 2015.

2016 brides – you are right around the corner… get ready…set…go!