We know you do.  So here is an easy contest with amazing odds to win.

Simply write a short and happy review of your Anne Edgar Photography wedding experience and share it to social media.  One review equals one entry to win.

We will ‘put your name in a hat’ and draw a winner on December 1/2015.  Because that is my birthday, and I will be 25(ish).  OK 35(ish).  Well maybe 45(ish).

The Prize:  One gorgeous custom designed 50 page wedding album, with a choice of crystal or leather cover,  holding up to 100 wedding images.  Valued at $1500

Important details:

  • you must be a current or past client of Anne Edgar Photography to win.
  • your review must be at least 3 sentences long, so say some good stuff please.
  • You have your choice of THREE locations where you can post your review. Post on one social media site & receive one chance to win.  Post on all three and your name goes in the hat 3 times.
  • does your husband want you to win?  Have him write a review too.  Post it on all 3 sites & there are 3 more votes for you.  Your Mom? How about your maid of honour?  They can play too.  Even your second cousin can participate.  PLEASE clearly state the bride & groom’s name in every review, so it can be properly credited to the right Bride and Groom.
  • maximum one review per person per site.  No limit on who can post on your behalf.
  • your review must be posted between November 12 – 30, 2015.  Old reviews may not be included as an entry.  But you are welcome to create a new review if you previously have posted on any of these sites.
  • The album will be designed over the winter with an intended delivery of early spring 2016. You are welcome to be a part of the design process, or you can leave it totally in our hands.

Where to post your review:

  1. on facebook click the ‘like’ button, then look for the REVIEWS box on the left hand side.  You may need to scroll down a wee bit.  Post your review IN THE REVIEWS SECTION.  Posts to our timeline will make us happy but will not be counted as a contest entry.  Click here to go to our facebook page.
  2. on The Wedding Ring… click the ‘love it’ button at the top, then scroll to the bottom to post your personal review. (you must be registered or be logged in to post your review… easy to do just follow the prompts)  Click here to go to our Wedding Ring page.
  3. on wedding wire… click here to go to our Wedding Wire page… copy & paste & you are nearly done!

Send us an email to let us know where you have posted and we will immediately confirm your entries & add you to the contest.

Why bother?

Because many won’t take the time.  Which means that someone will have an easy shot at an awesome prize.  Want that someone to be you?

Why are we doing this?

Well you are already our clients, so there really is only one reason to do this – to  thank you for  allowing us to be a small part of your fabulous celebrations.  Thank you to each & every one of you!

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