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Good to know information:

Our full service lab offers 100% colour accurate, quality-assured prints and first-class finishing services. It’s why this is the number one choice for professional portraits.

For photo prints….

  • Photographic prints come in your choice of Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic Kodak Endura Professional Papers. Choose from a variety of mounting substrates as well as textures and coatings.
  • Lustre paper is the most popular paper option.  It is a semi-gloss paper with vibrant colours and excellent skin tones.
  • Glossy paper offers the most vibrant colours with a highly reflective, glossy finish.
  • Metallic paper has a metallic base that adds a shimmer to its vibrant colours, with a highly reflective finish.

You can also choose from a variety of mounting substrates.

Our Canvas Prints are perfect for when you want to take an exceptional image to another level. We’re certain that you will love the results.  The image is printed on canvas and wrapped around a 1.5″ frame. IMPORTANT: Because roughly 2″ of the image on each side will be wrapped around the frame’s edges, this product is best for images that do not contain important edge detail.

gallerywrap copy









A standout is a sleek product is made from lightweight foam (3/4″ deep; black edging). This product comes with pre-created holes on the backside, making it ready to hang upon arrival.  It’s vailable in popular sizes from 8”x10” to 30”x40”. All Standout board dimensions are undersized by ¼”, so avoid including important details within 1/4″ of the edge.










Fine Art Velvet is a smooth & beautiful paper.  Printed on an archival large format inkjet printer on 100% cotton and acid free paper, our fine art velvet prints come out with a similar look and feel as a watercolor paper. They’re simply smooth and beautiful.  Handle with care!  No matter how you order them, loose or mounted, the delicate surface of the velvet print is less resistant to scratches than other kinds of prints. To keep these prints looking great, they must be handled with care.

product_heroes_velvet (1)

Our Float Wraps are built to grab attention. We take your print and wrap it around padded masonite, then coat it with a protective laminate for a sleek, elegant look. How does it float?  It’s black paper backing and thick gatorboard block with holes allows the image to hang extended from the wall, giving the appearance that your image is floating.

Large_FloatWrapA copy

*** important to note – you can adjust the cropping of the image to ensure a proper fit to the product dimensions you are ordering.  Cropping can be completed at check out, please make sure you don’t miss this important step!***

As always we are available to answer any questions, enjoy our easy ordering and amazing products!

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