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so I am having a problem. Any of you that follow us regularly will know that every January we produce a ‘best of the year’ album, and you may have noticed that there has not yet been one produced for 2015.

I have in fact been chipping away at this project, but the trouble is that you all had such gorgeous weddings in 2015, and subsequently we have a MOUNTAIN of potential images that qualify for our ‘best of’ album.

I made a first pass through every 2015 wedding, selecting MY favourite moments & prettiness. I arrived at over 3000 potential images. Then I had a second cull, reducing numbers to ONLY 1549 favourites. The goal is to arrive at under 250 photos for the gallery. Right.

So this is hard. Excruciating. I need help.

Would you like to be part of a group to curate this gallery? Private message me your email address & I will send you a link to the gallery. You can simply scroll through & *star* your favourites. Shouldn’t take more than several hours to a few days. A week tops.  *Kidding* Sort of.

Wish me luck… Best of 2015 is coming soon (ish)

the most gorgeous wedding photos of the year