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but it is mid way through an exceptionally busy wedding season and we have no time to blog.  With 23 weddings down & 37 to go – it is all creative hands on deck!   We do post nearly daily to facebook, twitter & instagram, so if you want to see what we are up to, check us out on any of our social media pages.

Thanks to all our January through June brides & grooms – your weddings were all amazing – every single one.   July – December weddings – you are up next, lets do this!


interesting stats from our 2014 season…


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Now that 2015 is well underway, it is interesting to look back on 2014 and compare it to the upcoming wedding season, as well as seasons past.  2014 was our biggest year for weddings on record, thanks to our fabulous Brides & Grooms,  thanks to our expanding partnerships with fantastic venues, and thanks to our growing & most excellent group of photographers.

Here are a few 2014 stats:

2014 average photo package price: $3408.31

  • this price point typically includes our comprehensive wedding coverage with few or no additional products added.  Because we offer great packages that please the majority without unwanted add-on’s:)

2014 largest sale: $6791.20

  • this particular sale included our ‘middle of the road’ package with a stunning Artisan wedding album, 2 additional copies for parents, and a collection of custom prints. Thank you E&P for this awesome sale!

2014 smallest sale: $2373

  • this affordable wedding photography option was appreciated by several clients, and included our ‘budget baby’ package with a weekday discount.  Thanks to C&S, J&R, S&L, E&A, and N&K!

It is interesting to see that in 2014 – many of our clients (59%) selected our ‘middle of the road’ package ($2900), with 31% selecting the ‘bigger is better’ package ($3500) and 9% selecting our ‘budget baby ($2400) package.  This varies from 2013 where  our ‘bigger is better’ package was the most popular.  2014 brides – we thank you for the extra sleep!

51% of brides requested a second shooter. 49% did not.  We experienced 100% happy clients both ways.

Finally – 75% of our wedding bookings occurred between the months of May – October, with 25% of weddings in the ‘cool’ season.  No real surprises there.  What this means in real time?  We work hard – about 30 hours per week in  the off season, & are attached to our computers 24 – 7 in the summer.   It gets a bit crazy around here:)

Annnd… looking forward to 2015 – wedding bookings are up 7% from 2014 – our formerly busiest season.  Ever.  We are slightly frightened & very thankful!

For a look at our ‘best of 2014’ gallery, click here!

published… Wedding Trends Magazine | Johanna & Sean’s pretty Cambridge Mill wedding

If you are looking for a perfect wedding venue, check out Cambridge Mill, where understated chic meets rustic charm.  Johanna & Sean’s wedding day there was so pretty – it got a 2 page spread in Wedding Trends magazine.  Happiness!

See the entire magazine here, Johanna & Sean are on page 28&29.  But pause on page 22 for a moment – that B&W bridal image is also ours – that’s Veronika from her July wedding.  And if we are sharing all, Emily is thrilled to once again be featured in our add on page 6.

You will also see our images throughout the magazine, and most noteworthy – on the COVER:)  Loving the 2015 edition!

Cambridge Mill summer wedding in grey & purple

a fun little wedding story that shows a community cares… the search for a Brockville bride’s missing wedding dress


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Last week I got an unusual request, from a Brockville photographer I knew about a decade ago.  The call went kinda like this ” Hi Anne – it’s Mark Oliver calling, do you remember me?  I have a strange request – I know of a bride who is searching for her wedding dress.  Her wedding was in 2003, and she recently opened the previously sealed dry cleaners box containing what she thought was her dress – only to discover the the dress inside was NOT HER wedding dress.  This bride is searching for the owner of the dress in the box – in hopes that that true owner of this dress might have hers.  Can you take a look at a photo of the mystery dress & let me know if you might remember this dress from 2003?”

Melissa Hoogenraad's search for her wedding dress

*supplied photo*

So kind of a ‘switched at birth’ scenario, only this one is a ‘switched at the dry cleaners‘ version.  Truthfully my first reaction was ‘are you kidding?’  There is NO WAY I will remember a dress from 2003.  But for some reason I don’t truly understand myself – I am a bit obsessive about keeping ALL the work I have photographed these past 25 years, and so it was an easy task to go and pull the entire collection of images photographed in 2003.  Really not having any expectation that I would find the ‘mystery dress’ in my archive, I dove in to many hours of opening image files.  And eventually – there it was.  Or at least there was a dress that could be, might be.

Brockville mystery wedding  dress solved

*close up of Maureen’s 2003 wedding dress*  copyright Anne Edgar Photography

In the mean time, Severson Cleaners -the small family business  who cleaned the dress- contacted me sweetly and persistently from the time I was first made aware of the mystery, over the course of the time I searched my archive, and right up to the time I found the potential match.  Kudos to this business for going the extra mile to help this bride.  (aka nearly daily messages sent to me by Angela & Louise Severson to continually follow up on the search.)  In addition to the Severson inquiries and the call from Mark Oliver, this thing went viral on Facebook & in the media.  It was not long before bride Melissa was also contacting me in the remote chance that I might be able to help.

So – now that I had a match – it was time to connect these two ladies.  But I had lingering doubts.  Is it really the right dress?  It was a popular style that year & there could be several brides with the same gown.  Will she still have the dress?  We are talking about a wedding dress worn 12 years ago.  Can I even track this bride down?

Thanks to mutual friends Shannon & Shauna, and with the help of Facebook, a message got to bride Maureen, that if she still had her wedding dress – she might want to take a peek and make sure she had the right dress.  And the rest is now happy history.

You can see the ongoing search & saga here on the The RecordToronto Star,  Ottawa Citizen, CKWS, City TV (March 17th news cast) Huffington Post, and even more news outlets.  Who knew it could be such a big story.

…and the happy ‘dress reunion’ can be found here on the Toronto Star today, with a follow up story here on the Ottawa Citizen.

brockville mystery dress solved

Maureen & Gaston, on their 2003 wedding day  copyright Anne Edgar Photography

published… on Frosted Petticoat blog | our pretty styled session in the Guelph Arboretum featured today


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We love to see hard work pay off.  A few months back a talented group of local wedding vendors got together to create some wedding beauty for your enjoyment… featured today on Frosted Petticoat… wedding pretties from your SWO wedding experts ❤

click here to view the full feature

wedding photos from Guelph arboretum

Photographers: Anne of Anne Edgar Photography (  Megan at Anne Edgar Photography, / Carla of CGE Photography ( Afzia of Style and Elegance ( / Decor: Rebecca of High Gloss Weddings  (  / Flowers: Rebecca of High Gloss Weddings  ( / Flowers: Karrie-Anne of Floral Factory (  Stationery: Tracey of Little Details ( / Cakes: Jen of Sweet Treats by Jen ( /Makeup Artist: Sonia of Sonia Ryan & Co ( / Make Up: Rebecca of High Gloss Weddings  (  /  Hair: Michelle F. from Pino’s Salon Savija Ellis / Location: Arboretum at the University of Guelph