A client asks:

Some photographers won’t release the digital files, or will only supply a few.  Why is this?  (aka we want them and we want them all!)

Anne answers:

Well it is all about quality control.  When professional photographers release the digital files to their clients, we lose control over the quality of the final presentation of the product.    That fantastic image we painstakingly photographed & beautifully edited can be truly butchered by a bad lab job, and reflect poorly on our artistry.  When your friend asks who your photographer was, we want them to be blown away by the fantastic image, the rich colours, the emotional impact, and not distracted by the –too dark & green tinge that the bad lab job added.

So if that is the case, why does Anne Edgar Photography share all of the digital files with their clients?   Because in the end, we find that 98.5% of people care more about saving significant amounts of dollars than what they perceive to be (sometimes major but often)minor variations in quality.  We realize that a major colour correction issue to us (super picky pro photogs) might only be a minor colour issue to you.  And we listen to our clients.  Having said – we do care very much about the quality of prints & albums our clients produce with our image files, and are very happy to work with clients to make sure they are educated in what makes a great print, and what to do when they are not happy with the print quality received form their local lab.  We give alternatives to the box store lab options, like our online ordering thru a trusted CALIBRATED pro lab, and our top of the line custom printing options.

So what are we saying?  When we supply our clients with ALL of the digital images (fully edited, creative & perfect), we also supply the client with choice.   The choice to take the ‘do it yourself’ approach and save some money (I am not going to lie – this one is popular!), and the choice to leave the image production in the hands of experts who have a vested interest in the final product.

What will you choose?